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When you choose Clicksta, you choose a seller-first support team. We prioritize your needs to execute an exit in your terms; in 30 days or less. At every juncture, we ensure you feel great about the direction of the deal, or we fix it.

Intrigued?, Here’s our process.

Our three step exit process has been honed on countless Amazon FBA exit transactions and ensures you can exit your business in a quick and frictionless way.

Why Clicksta?

We get Amazon
We have a proven track record of operating and scaling Amazon FBA businesses, with a global team of more than 50 people (and growing quickly)
We are world class brand builders
Our team are not just Amazon experts but world class marketers and brand builders
Proven growth track record
We are not new to this business and have a proven record of growing Amazon brands post acquisition
We operate in a fair and transparent way
Sharks belong in the ocean and not the deal room. We are here to guide sellers through the exit process in a hand ons and focused way

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